Management Approach

We organize our operations by productive regions that share technical resources, machinery and equipment, with each region managed by a dedicated manager who is responsible for the products and services within his or her region.

About Us

Consolidating land in proximity allows us to reduce our personnel and machinery expenses. This allows each region to work independently while at the same time benefiting from synergies with other regions. Each regional manager reports information on a monthly basis about the products and services within that region to our Chief Operating Officer and our Chief Financial Officer.

We impose controls on our costs of operations by managing all planning, hiring and purchasing activities centrally from our headquarters in Montevideo. To support these centralized operations, we rely on our ISO 9001-certified processes and our custom-built information management system. We believe our processes and system allow us to control our input costs and negotiate lower purchasing prices and higher selling prices.

We intend to operate our properties with high standards of efficiency, which we believe will make us a profitable and low-cost producer and enhance our position in the agricultural sector in South America. In addition, we believe that our strong financial position will allow us to continue to invest in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to maximize yields.

To ensure that our products meet a high standard that distinguishes us in the international market, we intend to continue using sustainable farming practices that comply with applicable environmental regulations, ensure crop rotations throughout the year, maximize efficient water, use and minimize soil degradation.

We are guided by the belief that premium agricultural products can only be grown through sustainable farming practices, and we believe that we will establish a new standard of quality in Uruguay.