Since its introduction in the 17th century the cattle and sheep industry has traditionally been the most relevant in
Uruguay. Cattle and sheep are imperative commodities for the industry and create great employment opportunities
with a large production for export. With an outstanding reputation for quality, Uruguayan cattle and sheep has
quickly become a top product for export markets.

About Us


Sheep production is an important economic activity within the agriculture business in Uruguay. There are more than 7.5 million head, mostly located in the northern and eastern part of the country.

We manage approximately 16,000 sheep during the last year and over 80% of our herd is of the Australian Merino breed. We continue improving the quality of our Merino flock through selective breeding to produce finer, softer wool that commands higher prices.

We have two main objectives in our sheep production:

Wool production

Wool is commercialized according to its specific fineness. The majority of wool we produced is medium fineness wool, which is between 21.5 to 21.9 micras, and suitable for different textile products. Medium fineness wool is exported as a high-quality wool because the animals used to produce it are purebred.

Meat production

Lamb production over artificial pastures for export is a leading economic advantage of the sheep farms.


Uruguay is one of the top meat producers in the world.
Beef production is the most important agricultural activity in Uruguay, using more than 83% of the country´s productive land, with almost 12 million head of livestock.

Uruguayan livestock are free-range, raised in natural conditions with a mild climate, fertile land, and plenty of water from the country's several rivers and streams, thereby ensuring their welfare.

Uruguay ranks first worldwide in beef consumption per capita, with over 60 kg per person per year.

It produces about 600 thousand tons of beef a year, 150 thousand tons are consumed in the domestic market, and 450 thousand tons are exported.

These products are exported to over 100 countries and account for 25% of Uruguayan exports.

In order to achieve these goals, our country has designed the best livestock information systems in the world: Traceability + Electronic Information System of the Beef Industry.

Uruguay is proud to be the only country in the world capable of monitoring its entire supply chain, in addition to being able to demonstrate its certified production processes.

This unique information system in addition to the health status attained by Uruguay, and to the quality of its products, have boosted Uruguayan meats in the most demanding markets.

UAG’s cattle segment consists of breeding, purchasing and fattening beef cattle for sale to meat processors and local livestock auction markets. We produce beef cattle in the majority of our farms to complement our rotational system and to make areas that are unsuitable to cropping economically viable. 

We raise primarily British cattle breeds such as Angus and Hereford. We seek to apply a rotational grazing system to make our cattle production as efficient as possible. Whenever appropriate, we supplement our cattle with hay and grains which help them gain weight throughout the winter.

We managed over 57,000 head of cattle over the last year.