Although now surpassed by soybeans and wheat as the most important crop in Uruguay, rice has historically been a staple of the Uruguayan agricultural industry.

About Us

The eastern states of Uruguay bordering Brazil have deep soil with high clay concentration and abundant water for irrigation, and we have dedicated this area to rice production.

The entirety of our rice production is under irrigation and more than 95% of the rice harvested in Uruguay is exported. Our rice is currently exported by third parties to Brazil, Iran, Peru, Iraq, the United States, Turkey and Spain.

Rice sowing begins in mid-October when soil moisture and temperature reach the optimum conditions for machines to operate and for the seeds to germinate adequately.

In the 2013 harvest year, we harvested a total area of 4,309 hectares, producing a total of 33 thousand tonnes of rice.

The rice varieties produced were El Paso 144, El Olimar and INIA Tacuari, which are the most produced varieties in the country. We also planted other minor varieties in areas with specific soil conditions.